Hundreds [noun]

Definition of Hundreds:

large group; a great number

Synonyms of Hundreds:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hundreds:


Sentence/Example of Hundreds:

We have made several hundreds prisoners, and have killed a multitude of the enemy.

Hundreds of soldiers already lined the streets to keep the crowd back out of the way of the procession.

From some points, hundreds of acres of the Swedish and French may be seen, and they are rarely or never out of view.

A suitable stone for such a purpose will be picked up and carried hundreds of miles.

Competing stores needlessly occupy the time of hundreds of thousands of employees in a mixture of idleness and industry.

The alleged fact of the Resurrection is of immense importance to hundreds of millions of people.

The capture of Independence greatly elated the guerrillas, and recruits came pouring in by the hundreds.

A few hundreds of Europeans would strive to keep at bay tens of thousands of eager rebels.

It is said that they lived in these islands before our people came here, hundreds and hundreds of years ago.

Strange to say, however, white travellers from distant lands began to visit these shores hundreds of years ago.