Hunkers [verb]

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It had been the settled understanding that one Hunker and one radical should be taken for the State delegates.

The difficulty was at length solved by our passing our favorite men and assenting to elect Mr. Seymour and another Hunker.

"Might as well hunker down right here on the ground," Jed said.

One of the newcomers was from Hunker Creek, and he brought news of the doctor and the captain.

Thus, "honker" or "hunker" meant one who "stayed put," and was opposed to progress.

If Madame van Hunker could spare me on such sudden notice he would like to take me back with him at once.

Nor perhaps had poor Mynheer van Hunker been a master who would win much affection.

For Eustace held that it would be more fitting, in the sight of the world, for me to go with him to visit Madame van Hunker.

If they are not on deck they must be below,they had no chance to leave the ship, answered Captain Hunker.

To the unspeakable horror of every Hunker there participated in the deliberations a negro, the Rev. Mr. Ward.