Hunky [adjective]

Definition of Hunky:

appealing, drawing attention

Opposite/Antonyms of Hunky:

Sentence/Example of Hunky:

Sometimes she will come running in, and say, "I am so hunky dory I don't know what to do; want sonton to neat."

"Hunky" bread-puddings and eggless, faintly-sweetened rice puddings, and pies of various kinds, represent dessert.

You're all right, and the spot is hunky-dory, and it's the durned old boat hez made the mistake, begosh!

Before he could think how he should act, a response came to the call from Hunky Ben.

Without leaving the boat, fishing arm-deep into the brush, he announced, "All hunky-dory."

No—no; stay—it's nothing; I'll be all right to-morrow—'all hunky,' as you say.

But he said Doc Lane told him to let football alone and get hunky with Addicks again.

During all this time Hunky Ben had stood with his rifle ready, listening with the feelings of a man in a dream.

Taken both together it would have been hard to equal, and impossible to match, Hunky Ben and his coal-black mare.

It seems to me so funny,” she continued, “to hear any one ask if Hunky—not Humpy—Ben is to be trusted.