Huntress [noun]

Definition of Huntress:

a person who hunts

Synonyms of Huntress:

Opposite/Antonyms of Huntress:


Sentence/Example of Huntress:

It had a picture in relief, on one side, of Diana the Huntress, with her nymphs and baying hounds.

She examined the trail—it showed drops of blood—and immediately the huntress followed the trail.

The huntress immediately took down her bow and quiver and searched for his track, which she followed into the woods.

The Spider-huntress explores the wall minutely; she runs, leaps and flies; she comes and goes, flitting to and fro.

Let us agree that the Scolia of antiquity sought a different prey from that adopted by the modern huntress.

It goes without saying that the moment the huntress emerged from the ground I proceeded to dig up the track.

The lanky prey dangles beneath the huntress, all limp, lifeless and paralysed.

To-day, as thirty years ago, each huntress must have the game which I first saw her pursuing.

But we will not anticipate; and we will place the huntress and her game together under the bell-glass.

The huntress of Grey Worms induces a temporary torpor of the mandibles; the ravisher of Bees makes them eject their honey.