Hurdle [noun]

Definition of Hurdle:

barrier, obstacle

Synonyms of Hurdle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hurdle:

Sentence/Example of Hurdle:

Still, developing-nation researchers face a number of hurdles.

The idea still has hurdles to clear before it can be put into practice, but researchers reached for comment were generally intrigued by its potential.

Just compare those hurdles with what the banks must accomplish to beat the odds.

As with any significant change to how Google presents its results pages, zero-click is not as much of a hurdle as you might think.

Post acknowledges there have been some initial hurdles to online learning.

Along the way, my biggest hurdle was truly believing in myself.

A bamboo hurdle was quickly made, and the store of flesh was placed on it and easily carried on the shoulders of the men.

As he got there the day began to dawn, and he leaned over a hurdle and beheld the shadows flee away.

The construction was little more than a colossal hurdle, having beams for rods and chains in the place of wattles.

It had exhibited under the trial the two chief qualities of a breakwater; it had proved flexible as a hurdle and firm as a wall.