Hurrahs [interjection]

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Sentence/Example of Hurrahs:

I’d say that there are two conditions under which going for the hurrah makes sense.

Aunt Jane sat on the front seat; uncle Tom jumped up beside her with the reins in his hands; the children shouted "Hurrah!"

A rousing Hurrah resounded from thousands of throats as the Emperors train entered the station.

A loud hurrah rings out from the soldiers who watch them from the Falmouth shore.

It was not a hurrah that they gave so much as a wild, jubilant cry of inexpressible joy.

We met him about fifty yards from the boat, and raised a loud hurrah.

A sputter of rifles would break out now and then, followed perhaps by a spiritless hurrah.

A club was held that night in one of the rooms below; and as he crossed the threshold, the sound of "hip-hip-hurrah!"

A young priest threw his cap in the air, shouting, "Hurrah for Oregon—America's too late; we've got the country!"

On,—into the intrenchments with a hurrah which startles the soldiers of both armies from their morning slumbers.