Hurray [interjection]

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Sentence/Example of Hurray:

With two championships stowed safely away, it was only natural that the baseball season should have begun with a hip-hip-hurray.

"Hurray," said Katharine, with a sincerity which would have deceived a diplomat.

Hurray for Buster; hes all right; and this time hes struck a brilliant idea!

When Jonas had left the room, however, Rollo leaped about with many a caper, and shouted “Hurray!”

Hurrah, in American, has also borrowed the a of plate; one hears hurray much oftener than hurraw.

As she afterward told her friend, Mrs. Mangenborn, they had a hip, hip hurray of a time.

Here he is—give him a good hurray; wave your hats, and I'll begin.

Youve nothing to say at all but only harden your heart and shout, Hurray, my boys!

But even as the hurray ascended the side of the cliff, so did the rope.

"Hurray for the young aviators of the Rio Grande," cried Bob, swinging his arm like a cheer leader of the school team.