Hurriedly [adjective]

Definition of Hurriedly:

wildly, fiercely

Opposite/Antonyms of Hurriedly:

Sentence/Example of Hurriedly:

The old man seemed to be greatly agitated, and hurriedly whispering, "We thought you were never coming, sir!"

She poured out some chocolate, took it hurriedly, and quitted the room, leaving her husband in a disheartening reverie.

Turning the position, the French swept down on Portugal, while the English hurriedly fell back before them.

As the train slowly moved from the platform, the girls walked hurriedly along for a few yards.

A newsboy boarded the train and passed hurriedly through the cars with the morning papers.

So I looked hurriedly over the field, and decided that an American girl in my class suggested fewest complications.

Scrambling up the bank, revolvers in hand, they reached the trenches just as the insurgents were hurriedly evacuating them.

But when Joubert was hurriedly despatched to Italy he at once demanded to have Suchet as chief of the staff.

Unfortunately he acted hurriedly, and, without informing the Emperor, entered into negotiations with the enemy.

There was light enough to distinguish our faces easily, and I saw Maloney glance again hurriedly at both of us.