Hurtle [verb]

Definition of Hurtle:

plunge, charge

Synonyms of Hurtle:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hurtle:



Sentence/Example of Hurtle:

Dimly he saw the harpoon hurtle through the spray and the sharp crack of the explosion sounded in his ear.

Pen thought it was quite an honor to have seen the great Mr. Hurtle, whose works he admired.

He made sure that the folds projected above his hat, and would shut out all bullets that might hurtle against the unique helmet.

Through watering eyes he saw the black cloud of flying beasts hurtle up from the trees below.

Others said that there certainly had been a Mr. Hurtle, and that to the best of their belief he still existed.

Mrs. Hurtle's enthusiasm was very pretty, and there was something of feminine eloquence in her words.

Paul knew but little about Winifrid Hurtle, and nothing at all about the late Mr. Hurtle.

He should marry her,—or there should be something done which should make the name of Winifrid Hurtle known to the world!

All this Mrs. Hurtle had understood accurately; and Paul Montague, who understood nothing of it, was gratified.

Almost before the woman had shut the door, Mrs. Hurtle came to him out of her bedroom, with her hat on her head.