Hurtled [verb]

Definition of Hurtled:

plunge, charge

Synonyms of Hurtled:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hurtled:



Sentence/Example of Hurtled:

The two of them flung themselves forward while certain destruction hurtled down almost on them.

Something moved down on the river bank and in that same instant the box hurtled earthward as might a spear.

Its teddy bear hurtled down and leaped across the ground, bounding toward him.

Did ye no' look thankfully at yeer obsairvor, when, wi' a hooricane roar, the Terror of the Air-r hurtled across the sky—'Saved!'

Gathering himself together, he hurtled straight for the ankles of his opponent.

Then his fingers closed on a dry branch, and five immense bludgeons hurtled toward the startled Sepharians.

We have not rushed, or dashed, or hurtled along—these words do grave injustice to the majesty of our progress.

Once—twice—and, with ever increasing speed, thrice he swung the great hammer, then high and far it hurtled through the air.

The midstreet sidewalk puzzled Jason until Grif blasted something that hurtled out of a ruined building towards them.

It was extremely convincing evidence that something huge and heavy had hurtled down from the sky.