Hurtling [verb]

Definition of Hurtling:

plunge, charge

Synonyms of Hurtling:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hurtling:



Sentence/Example of Hurtling:

Dorothy's slight figure came hurtling out of the pit's mouth, tossed to their very feet by the long arms of Peter Piper.

A great mass of dirt and brush and rock was hurtling down upon them with sickening velocity.

One of the swivel guns was fired, and then came a whole broadside, sending its balls hurtling over the crowded deck of the sloop.

He experimented carefully, floating the rocks at different angles and then hurtling them skyward.

Crouching under the arc of the hurtling body, the Cro-Magnard drove his long knife to the hilt in the white-furred belly.

There was the roar as of a great cataract as the red dirt went hurtling down into the hold of the ships many feet below.

It was only a matter of a minute or so before that hurtling torrent of rebels had swept the Alkebarians from their prey.

Any one of those gentle little white puffs might transform the aeroplane into a hurtling mass of flame.

From the steel-like ground they scooped a dozen tons of the dirty black uranium ore and sent it hurtling back to the Bertha.

Climbing out of the veranda, one was immediately swallowed in the chaos of hurtling drift, the darkness sinister and menacing.