Husbandless [adjective]

Definition of Husbandless:

not presently wed

Synonyms of Husbandless:

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Sentence/Example of Husbandless:

Will it increase the happiness of the infinite for me to remain homeless and husbandless?

In modern countries infanticide has been common or rare according to the penalties, in law or the mores, upon husbandless mothers.

The State will have to become the protector of the husbandless mothers and the fatherless children.

It was an awkward situation, this being shut up alone in a husbandless woman's house with an unknown intruder.

"Well, here are four husbandless women," she retorted gayly.

If I had a daughter I would bring her up with an eye fixed entirely on a husbandless future.

Now thou hast been slain by Achilles and I am left husbandless!

So she was imprisoned in the pond, husbandless, scarcely escaping with her life.