Husbandry [noun]

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It took nearly 300 years for Peruvians to achieve independence, and longer for indigenous Andean peoples’ population and traditional husbandry practices to resume.

When these covenants were made, Lysias went to the king, and the Jews gave themselves to husbandry.

He thought also that the duty on windows in farm-houses, and on horses used in husbandry, should be taken off entirely.

John Milton was a noble poet, but he was not a safe guide in matters pertaining to animal husbandry.

They were unfit for the mere routine of husbandry, and unprovided with funds for working their farms.

I am hard at work, studying spade husbandry, inspectors' reports of industrial schools, &c. I am glad you are all so happy.

And therefore these things are no more written to a dull disposition, than rules of husbandry to a soil.

Improvements in farming methods made it possible to cope with the peculiar problems of prairie husbandry.

Thus one country after another became impressed with the advantages to be derived from the husbandry of sheep.

Our fleabane is a troublesome weed at times, but good husbandry has little to dread from it.