Husk [noun]

Definition of Husk:

covering, case

Synonyms of Husk:













Opposite/Antonyms of Husk:

Sentence/Example of Husk:

The adventurers’ tent had been sliced open from the inside, and in its husk lay rucksacks, neatly arranged boots, and a plate of sliced pork fat.

Lard-rich tamales are a pandemic-ready project, well worth the time it takes to swaddle dough into corn husk wrappers.

Then from there, they get trucked to the huller, which removes the green husk off of the nuts that still have it on—30 or 40% of them—and cleans them and washes them.

There’s a husk that peels off, revealing a nut shell underneath.

Remove the garlic cloves from the pot, squeeze them out of their husks and spread the garlic puree on toasted baguette.

The crab begins by tearing the husk, fiber by fiber, and always from that end under which the three eye-holes are situated.

Dumas states that the husk of oats sometimes yields as much as five or six per cent.

The house, the bit of the world it gave upon, seemed a part of her life, the containing husk of all the fruitage born to her.

He broke off the branch, and with the sharp point he soon had torn a hole in the outer husk of the cocoanut.

The dried husk of the maiz is taken and cut into pieces of the required size.