Husked [noun, verb]

Definition of Husked:

encasement of vegetable seeds

Synonyms of Husked:

Opposite/Antonyms of Husked:


Sentence/Example of Husked:

It is now being husked, and is proving to be the best crop of corn that has been on the farm in years.

It is now in the shock and being husked, but she still stretches her neck over the fence in the same hopeful way.

He spoke, and something in his throat—a hard lump perhaps—husked his brogue and made his r's roll out like dice.

The author knows of a woman who husked six hundred bushels of corn in one summer.

Take lentils, husked, powder them, and lay a little of them upon the child's gums.

No special care need be given to green corn, provided it is not husked.

The old judge's high voice grew husked and roughened here, he being himself both widowed and childless.

Most of the valleys were all under cultivation and very full of excellent corn, but a small proportion of it husked.

Husked some in a field where a woman swore in a terrible manner, made a desperate onslaught on us with words, but I got some corn.

As young men they had threshed or cradled or husked corn with my father, whom they still called by his first name.