Husking [noun, verb]

Definition of Husking:

encasement of vegetable seeds

Synonyms of Husking:

Opposite/Antonyms of Husking:


Sentence/Example of Husking:

After a forenoon so employed, the carpet of her room looked like a barn floor after a husking-match.

The grinding of flour and husking of rice are sometimes part of the same business.

Its fruit mollified the harshness of the New England rum of many an old-time raising and husking.

As for Johnny, he was taken into the field to assist in husking corn.

Now Antonio had, in turn, invited their neighbors to a maize-husking.

Vegetables which also require shelling or husking are: lima beans, green peas and green corn.

Had he told the simple fact that he wanted help to drench a "husking" ewe, things might have gone differently.

Some husking machines for hulling or peeling parchment coffee are polishers as well.

And in the corn-field, that promised nubbins instead of the usual husking, there shone too soon a glimmer of gold.

Watch weaving, carving and coconut husking and be sure to see the canoe pageant.