Husky [adjective]

Definition of Husky:

deep, scratchy in sound

Synonyms of Husky:

Opposite/Antonyms of Husky:







Sentence/Example of Husky:

Husky crows awake in the pine trees, and doves under the temple eaves.

Steel your heart against the seductive charms of these Husky belles!

We bade a hasty farewell to the Husky belles, and handed them into their barge.

I wonder what our Husky friends thought of this little bombardment!

Why, you don't doubt your ability to win the affections of a Husky belle, do you?

The wolf is closely related to the dog family; in fact, a Husky, or Eskimo dog, is a domesticated wolf.

"It's great to feel your strength coming back," Husky went on, unabashed.

But when Husky, opposite him, got a beggarly three, the young man's triumph was outrageous.

Careless of whether he heard them, the men joked outrageously about Husky's condition.

Husky picked up the dice and with one hasty shake tossed them out.