Hussar [noun]

Definition of Hussar:

troops riding horses

Synonyms of Hussar:

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Sentence/Example of Hussar:

There he distinguished himself by capturing Wrzburg and two thousand of the enemy with a squadron of one hundred hussars.

He was a mere boy, who, in a rash skirmish with some of our hussars, was wounded severely and taken prisoner.

His staff were by no means so well turned out, but the few hussars of the escort were stout, soldierlike-looking fellows.

She was thin, wrinkled and timid, and successively greeted the four bewildered hussars who saw her enter.

The Hussars left behind a Colt-Maxim and a heliograph for our usage.

The enemy had left General Muller alone after the affair with the Hussars.

As we entered the palace courtyard, a company of hussars discharged their muskets, and the captain presented arms.

Four rash hussars ventured in the field, but they and their beasts were soon rolling between hillocks.

Uhlans, hussars, infantry and cannon passed them, but few questions were asked of them.

Then came masses of Uhlans and hussars and after them batteries of great guns and scores and scores of the wicked machine guns.