Hussy [noun]

Definition of Hussy:

loose woman

Synonyms of Hussy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hussy:


Sentence/Example of Hussy:

He is unfit to be called a man, he is unworthy to marry a gentlewoman; and as for that hussy, I disown her.

What, not this outrageous hussy, flinging herself at your head, and rumpling your nice collar?

One week later he decided that he should have cupped his hands and shouted, "You hypotenuse hussy!"

But your Duty to your Parents, Hussy, obliges you to hang him.

Ah, Hussy, now this is the only Comfort your Mother has left!

It makes my blood boil when I think how that nasty, dirty hussy got my poor Henry into disgrace.

For the sake of a gipsy hussy, who made game of me, and who at this moment is busy thieving in some corner of the town.

“Nor the hussy,” the little woman snapped, apparently at the mud-hens paddling on the surface of the lagoon.

Rather skeery at the present moment at being set down beside a bold American hussy, with only a groom as chaperon!

But even that might be overcome by time and patience, so as to let a few grey hairs show themselves in the hussy's head.