Hustlers [noun]

Definition of Hustlers:

con artist; prostitute

Synonyms of Hustlers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hustlers:


Sentence/Example of Hustlers:

The governor was a candidate for re-election, and being a hustler, made many hot speeches from the hustings.

The Hen being always an out-and-out hustler, and hard as an Indian pony, her not being well shook us up bad.

"Never mind, Widner; you may be a good political hustler, but you're dead bad on your classics," said Lane laughingly.

Therefore there is an opportunity for a hustler to borrow money at 5% or 6%, and with that money and his energy earn 10% or 15%.

The lazy man is always willing to give the hustler a big percentage for collecting the living that the world owes him.

The individual who seemed to combine the functions of station agent and baggage hustler approached, wheeling a truck.

He was no hustler in business, this Andalusian patriarch, but his dignity was epic and his oranges were nectar.

Your Uncle Billy's a hustler, and don't let that escape your mind for a minute, or it'll likely lead you into trouble.

She had hair-colored hair, which was sort of out of character for a barroom hustler.

A well-made lawn is a testimonial to a hustler, whether the area is small or large.