Hustling [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Hustling:

I have a generous magician friend who plays Santa as a holiday side hustle.

Amy Kean, founder of creative agency Six Things Impossible, believes the ad industry’s hustle culture is to blame for the growing pressure to perform and be visible.

Seeing the hustle and drive everyone had around me, I had no choice but to go harder.

Both plays required Metcalf’s rare athleticism and hustle, but also his athletic intelligence.

One of the things that we pride ourselves on here is respecting the hustle.

It won’t be that the virtual event is kind of a side hustle to something that’s physical.

The machines were soon hustling through Washington Street as fast as the speed regulations would allow.

I believe Ill call the flat The Hustleonly instead of its hustling like the car, well be the ones.

Even farming's got to be a science, and it keeps me hustling to learn what the new words mean in the agricultural papers.

She is positively brisk in hustling for apples in the orchard and for heads of oats around the oat stack.