Huzzah [noun]

Definition of Huzzah:

applause, supportive yell

Synonyms of Huzzah:

Opposite/Antonyms of Huzzah:

Sentence/Example of Huzzah:

The yell of the Highlanders was in their ears, and the huzzah of the English soldiers, as they dashed upon the retreating foe.

Emptying the last stone from his knapsack, Bertrand imagines the huzzah of battle to have cleared this forest glade.

A shout from the troops—a huzzah, timed and perfunctory, but general.

No sooner were the words spoken, which spread instantly, than there rose from the whole crowd one universal huzzah of joy.

The men clapped her until she began in self-defense another favorite of the moment, and ended in a perfect huzzah of applause.

His troops went across the field, through the waving corn with a huzzah.

“Yes,” replied Bob; “all alive and hearty;” a faint huzzah which was the return, affected me sensibly.

Loud and in time, regular as a beat in music, came the Huzzah!

It was a universal huzzah, from Mugwumps, Republicans, and Democrats.