Hydrants [noun]

Definition of Hydrants:

water supply

Synonyms of Hydrants:

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Sentence/Example of Hydrants:

Non-natural stimuli in this case would be parametric stimuli like oriented bars, while natural would include both the savanna as well as something human-made like a hydrant.

He stopped at a hydrant and washed the mud off the elephants' legs and gave 'em an extra feed.

At the hydrant on one side stood a fire-engine blowing off its useless steam.

If waterworks are handy, connect the boiler with a hydrant and after filling the boiler, let it receive the hydrant pressure.

He crossed the fire lines, found his way to the engine captain near the main hydrant.

The fat seemed to make them thirsty; they had to go to the hydrant to wash it down with cold water.

With a brass cap on one end to screw it to the hydrant, too, added Norma.

But the Princess wasn't afraid of him, and as there was a big hydrant near by, she turned it on him and put the flames out.

Mr. Phœbe sometimes brought her a dainty morsel, but he spent much of his time by the hydrant.

At each errand he consulted the hydrant, and the builders watched all his movements with sympathy and approval.