Hydras [noun]

Definition of Hydras:

disease that is widespread

Synonyms of Hydras:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hydras:

Sentence/Example of Hydras:

But the animal itself is the same "hydra-headed monster," let whomsoever may fancy to pet it.

I aimed at the many-headed hydra whose visible representative was Frick.

The Homestead developments had given him temporary prominence, thrown this particular hydra-head into bold relief, so to speak.

Evil complicates, by one knows not what hydra-headed monstrosity, the vast, cosmic whole.

Navigation everywhere contends with the same monster; the sea is one hydra.

In simple animals, as the sponge and hydra, no such organs are needed, the fluid food passing from cell to cell by osmosis.

Out of one hydra many more arose, and there wants a Hercules to crush them.

Hercules's second labor was to kill the Hydra, a nine-headed monster that infested the marshes of Lerna.

Through this wise precaution the Hydra was finally killed, and its one immortal head was buried under a huge rock.

Sneak levelled his rod at a cluster just forming in a mass two feet above the ground, and crushed the hydra at a blow!