Hymned [verb]

Definition of Hymned:

acclaim, praise

Synonyms of Hymned:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hymned:

Sentence/Example of Hymned:

It is as if poetry had dealt with beans or with bacon and no poet had hymned the more beautiful associations of beans and bacon.

It was Catherine who had introduced me to all my lyrics; it was to Catherine I had once hymned this one in my unformed heart.

Sesha, the white serpent of eternity, issues from his mouth and hymned by snakes and other serpents proceeds to the ocean.

But not he could warm that image into glowing flesh, however much he sang to it and hymned.

Liberty that had hymned her birth in the last century now hymned her destiny in the voices of bard and orator.

She now knew what the nightingale was sighing the livelong night, what the songster of the sedges hymned with his plaintive note.

But my man should be hymned, not because it will do him any good, but because it relieves my feelings.

It is almost impossible for me to describe her, a presumption indeed, when so many abler pens than mine have hymned her praises.

The psalmist had hymned the victory won when "God gave the word."

All the world of wings then hymned the light; but he more loudly than any.