Hyped [adjective]

Definition of Hyped:

dependent on something, compulsive

Synonyms of Hyped:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hyped:

Sentence/Example of Hyped:

Unanswered questions The hype around Hogan’s test purchase had raised expectations among nursing homes, county governments and others that their arrival would quickly expand the state’s testing capacity.

The band’s songs became her hype music and solace after her grandmother died.

When I first arrived in Yellowstone, I thought it couldn’t possibly live up to all the hype.

Recently much hype accompanied a scientific report about the possibility of life on Venus.

It used to be that a $200 million valuation was a sign of late-stage traction rather than early-stage hype, but high valuations have grown increasingly common for investors racing to win the most competitive deals.

The combined sentiment-and-share change could dampen enthusiasm for startup shares, perhaps undercutting some of the hype and FOMO that we keep hearing is driving private valuations higher.

After making appearances on magazine covers and celeb outings, the Brother Vellies footwear by Pyer Moss has succeeded to much of it hype.

Some models are waiting in the wings with lots of hype, including Tesla’s Cyber Truck, as well as other models from upstarts like Bollinger and Rivian.

I gratefully accepted the offer of a review unit of the ATEM Mini Pro, and the product lived up to the hype.

BTS, arguably the biggest musical act in the world at the moment, is responsible for the vast majority of Big Hit’s revenue and generated much of the hype surrounding the label’s IPO.