Hyperbola [noun]

Definition of Hyperbola:

arched, rounded line or object

Synonyms of Hyperbola:

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Sentence/Example of Hyperbola:

The planet would then have moved in a parabola, or an hyperbola, curves not returning into themselves.

To assimilate the hyperbola to the ellipse was rather to contradict this evidence.

Only on the assumption that the social value curve for this totality of commodities is a rectangular hyperbola.

When the conic is a hyperbola the meridian line is in the form of a looped curve (fig. 12).

This is the equation of an hyperbola whose center is on the axis of abscisses.

This is the equation of an hyperbola referred to its center o' as the origin of co-ordinates.

The circle has one focus at the centre, an ellipse or hyperbola two foci equidistant from the centre.

The lines which join any point on an ellipse or an hyperbola to the ends of a diameter are parallel to two conjugate diameters.

This reasoning shows at the same time how to construct the axis of an ellipse or of an hyperbola.

Any two conjugate diameters of an hyperbola are harmonic conjugates with regard to the asymptotes.