Hyperbolic [adjective]

Definition of Hyperbolic:

wordy; flowery in speech

Opposite/Antonyms of Hyperbolic:

Sentence/Example of Hyperbolic:

Such Oriental hyperbolic gratitude would have satisfied the greediest benefactor, and was infinitely in excess of what he owed me.

The real facts never became known, but the tales of these stirring times have been handed down in more or less hyperbolic form.

In many of these instances the hyperbolic gold and silver of the writers would undoubtedly be bronze.

In an hyperbolic involution any two conjugate points are harmonic conjugates with regard to the two foci.

In an hyperbolic involution the centre is the middle point between the foci.

If the line cuts the conic the involution is hyperbolic, the points of intersection being the foci.

If the point is without the conic the involution is hyperbolic, the tangents from the points being the focal rays.

In the first case the surface is called an Hyperboloid of one sheet, in the second an Hyperbolic Paraboloid.

In the first case the point of contact is said to be hyperbolic, in the second parabolic, in the third elliptic.

On a quadric surface the points are all hyperbolic, or all parabolic, or all elliptic.