Hypnotic [adjective]

Definition of Hypnotic:

spellbinding, sleep-inducing

Synonyms of Hypnotic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hypnotic:

Sentence/Example of Hypnotic:

"Please don't try the old hypnotic fakir tricks upon me, Baroudi," she added, pushing up the cushions against the rock behind her.

She had read in books of the mysteries of hypnotic suggestion, but she was far too practical to believe in that.

In the medical circles throughout the country a good deal of interest and even enthusiasm over this new hypnotic is noticeable.

It is the sodium salt of the more or less favorably known hypnotic, Veronal (diethyl-barbituric acid).

Pas-Avena is a widely advertised nerve sedative and hypnotic.

He determined to pretend that he was succumbing to the hypnotic spell.

As far as children are concerned, it is masturbation, in especial, for the prevention of which hypnotic suggestion has been tried.

Here are brief notes of a case in which hypnotic suggestion was employed with beneficial results.

And to expect strong hypnotic effect from a certain hypnotist is often in itself sufficient to produce hypnotic sleep.

Even the mental experiences which can remain in sleep, the dreams, are characteristically different from the hypnotic experience.