Hypnotized [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Hypnotized:

The monkey was hypnotized with fear, but he could neither run away, nor go forward, nor come to me.

"Yes," Molly breathed, fairly hypnotized into the truth by Wise's suggestive air and tense, compelling voice.

She had almost hypnotized him with her weary, earnest voice.

I ask my hypnotized subject not to perceive the friend in the room; he is indeed unable to see him or to hear him.

She is hypnotized and sees the operator catching these worms one by one and killing them.

For half a minute Mr. Trimm stood like a rooster hypnotized by a chalkmark, his arms extended, his eyes set on his bonds.

With livid features, staring eyes, and an air of intense agony, the man seemed to be hypnotized at the sight of it.

Suddenly, as it seemed to Constance's hypnotized stare, the statue-face "came alive."

The perfume that he inhaled mounted to his brain, and the magnetic glance of Venturita hypnotized him.

Who knows whether my friends and I, who laugh at Spiritualism, are not in error, just as hypnotized persons are?