Hypochondriac [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hypochondriac:

He is a hypochondriac now and would keep a close watch on his heir's health and habits; you may be sure of that.

I've met him; he's a bad-tempered hypochondriac, a cynic at heart, and a man whose word is never doubted.

Many a hypochondriac had laughed immoderately at the ludicrous exercises of Crummles and the infant phenomenon!

Hypochondriacs of any sort are a nuisance both to themselves and other people, but none more so than the spiritual hypochondriac.

He chiefly complained of great straitness and pain in the hypochondriac region, very short breath, swelled legs, want of appetite.

Montreville was fast sinking into a melancholy hypochondriac.

Mr. H. was an invalid; he was the worst kind of an invalid—a hypochondriac.

The man proved to be a regular hypochondriac, taking medicine constantly, at one time with five doctors prescribing for him.

Idleness begets ennui, ennui the hypochondriac, and that a diseased body.

Eyes that met when commands were given and received were dull from want of sleep or hectically bright as a hypochondriac's.