Hypocritical [adjective]

Definition of Hypocritical:

deceitful, pretending

Opposite/Antonyms of Hypocritical:

Sentence/Example of Hypocritical:

Just as it was hypocritical for Newsom to attend that dinner party, it’s hypocritical to claim that people know to social distance and to insist you follow the science while hosting indoor holiday parties.

“It seems hypocritical to throw him into the fire when we’ve been putting up with so much worse,” Brandon Barber, 32, an unaffiliated voter who works in finance and served as an Army medic in Iraq, said of Cunningham.

It’s hypocritical if he expects the population to be able to do that, because the task force he constituted is recommending it, yet he’s not doing it.

Being hypocritical and miserly are what Falwell is being roasted for.

If they don’t, DTC startups risk coming across as hypocritical if they try to market themselves as championing diversity, inclusion and transparency, but customers learn their retail employees had a different experience.

God rejects the hypocritical fasts of the Jews: recommends works of mercy, and sincere godliness.

Pope-holy; properly an adjective, meaning 'holy as a pope,' hence, hypocritical.

He even joined with some show of interest (of course hypocritical) in the conversation.

Calvin gave birth, by the sternness of his doctrines and his executions, to that form of hypocritical sentiment called "cant."

The hypocritical ceremony continued some time, when the warriors began talking among themselves.