Hypotheses [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Hypotheses:

But the letter was safe enough; not the least likely to come into dangerous hands, in spite of Chloe's absurd hypotheses.

Of the laws and hypotheses concerning gases, the one that is perhaps of most importance to chemistry is Avogadro's hypothesis.

According to the foregoing remarks, hypotheses are invented to enable the Deductive Method to be earlier applied to phenomena.

Such were the different false hypotheses which Kepler made respecting the law of the refraction of light.

Like all sceptical hypotheses, it is logically tenable, but uninteresting.

Hence we must resort to logic, and reason out the two hypotheses.

As to the planetary systems other than our own, we are no longer reduced to hypotheses.

Never in the history of science have such startling hypotheses been successively advanced as during the last twenty years.

An hypothesis which will answer all these questions is the first thing needful, and hypotheses are produced.

We went over the international situation of the day from many points, with many hypotheses and conjectures.