Hypothetical [adjective]

Definition of Hypothetical:

guessed, assumed

Opposite/Antonyms of Hypothetical:

Sentence/Example of Hypothetical:

Many were unwilling to bear the present-day cost of preparing for future hypotheticals.

For example, says Pérez Ríos, positronium’s energy levels could be affected by a hypothetical axion-like particle.

Many of these ideas attempt to recast gravity in the language of quantum mechanics, where hypothetical particles called gravitons carry the gravitational force.

Titled “What I would do with GPT-3 if I had no ethics,” it described his process as a hypothetical.

The XENON1T team suggested that the low-energy events could be due to solar axions, hypothetical particles with no electric charge that could be produced in the sun.

First and perhaps most exciting is the “solar axion,” a hypothetical particle produced inside the sun that would be similar to a photon but with a tiny amount of mass.

He called them all "Mister," and occasionally flattered them by presenting a hypothetical case for their consideration.

In the preceding example the two together form a complete and consistent, though hypothetical, explanation of the facts concerned.

It was a hypothetical condition which he had never even considered.

We must besides remark that the meaning of the lines is purely hypothetical.