Hysteric [adjective]

Definition of Hysteric:

mentally maladjusted

Synonyms of Hysteric:

Opposite/Antonyms of Hysteric:

Sentence/Example of Hysteric:

The same holds true for the hysteric in whom also, of course, the subconscious takes hold of the inner life.

This was followed by a bustle among the servants, and screams as of a person in an hysteric fit.

There was a sort of glorying in its deep tone; it was not the hollow hysteric of shame and despair—it spoke a sanguine joyousness!

Hysteric shudders were shaking her every few seconds, and her eyes were blinded with weeping.

She laughed, as she said it, a little hysteric laugh, with suddenly moist eyes.

It is used in medicine as an anti-spasmodic, and in cases of flatulency, in hysteric paroxysms, and other nervous affections.

Then, with first a half-intimated gasp of amazement, there was a burst of almost hysteric laughter.

But Kate had set her will to conquer that of her friend and Lena's hysteric opposition was no match for it.

And now they all hugged and kissed him; and what with the fatigue, the fright and all, Jack really had an hysteric.

This hysteric contagion spread through Seville, affecting a considerable portion of the population.