Icebound [adjective]

Definition of Icebound:

very cold

Synonyms of Icebound:

Opposite/Antonyms of Icebound:

Sentence/Example of Icebound:

This may be owing to the soft brook banks and their aquatic life, when the rest of the fields are icebound.

When spring comes smiling o'er the earth, she breathes on the icebound waters, and they flow anew.

In this Arctic expedition he underwent the experiences common to all who tempt those icebound seas.

The thaw was over, there had been a spell of cold weather, and Deerfield was icebound.

Noon saw the traveller in an “up-and-down” country intersected by icebound streams and snow-laden hollows.

In most of the lofty mountains of that region the volcanic eruptions come forth from icebound caverns.

Thoughts alone and words remained icebound, and my hopes sank below zero.

It cruises constantly from the fever infected regions of the Gulf to the icebound shores of the Arctic Sea.

Port at Libau, on the Baltic, is in a region less liable to be icebound in the winter.

It was a daring venture, but the expedition was ill-equipped to battle with the icebound seas of the frozen north.