Icicles [noun]

Definition of Icicles:

frozen water

Synonyms of Icicles:

Opposite/Antonyms of Icicles:


Sentence/Example of Icicles:

Hike up the ice-shrouded Onion River, whose trail is accessed via the Ray Berglund Wayside, before passing through a canyon lined with towering icicles.

The badge of the order was a ribbon, striped black, white and yellow, and the device something like an icicle.

It was only a long icicle, and all Jack had to do was to touch the reindeer with its point to make them run faster and faster.

Then without warning the Icicle struck something frozen in the ice.

More than human he seemed, there under the icicle loom of the stern-post, his gray hair and beard rigid with ice.

As cool as an icicle, the man stretched himself out again, half on the deck and half in the cab of the launch.

The girl's hand, cold as an icicle, was reached towards him, and was instantly crushed in his.

But I was grateful, that, after all, our own dear Doctor Mac had not been metamorphosed into an ogre with icicle eyes.

A slowly forming icicle almost filled the unused entrance to the cony den.

There was a volume of meaning in the monosyllable as she spoke it, and then her face grew cold and sharp as an icicle.