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There are certain icons and phrases that have made their way in the public awareness that people really resonate with.

With industry icons who’d previously eliminated tips, like Danny Meyer, reintroducing them in the pandemic to give hard-hit employees more cash, pay equity seems a moving goalpost — but one that arguably more people are aware of than before.

After her release in 2010, she became an icon of human rights, mentioned in the same breath as Gandhi or Mandela.

DeepFuckingValue, the Reddit trading icon, was still up 2,800% yesterday.

Suu Kyi, former democracy icon, defends Myanmar against genocide allegations

Music fans are in luck this month, with new documentaries about industry icons added to the streaming service.

At that time, the emphasis, too, was on making it easier for users to scan down the page by adding site icons and other new visual elements to the page.

Just above your draft there are icons that will rotate your background, add empty space above or below your meme, and let you draw on top of the image.

Chat bots are the exception to this rule, but Viber does a nice job identifying these with a different icon.

After just working her whole life and working so hard…she’s just this icon.