Iconoclastic [adjective]

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After all, however, the most revolutionary and iconoclastic reform in the new China is the changed policy of the schools.

So iconoclastic an outburst was sure to elicit vindicators of the world's faith as it had long been held.

It was long a pleasure to believe so and natural, too, until Nottebohm came with his iconoclastic evidence to the contrary.

The iconoclastic masters of that cluster of magnificent tenements, the Bucoleon, had especial claims upon his recollection.

On this, as we shall in another chapter see, the popes had revolted from their iconoclastic sovereigns of Constantinople.

His son and successor, Constantine, pursued the same iconoclastic policy.

The acts of the Mohammedan khalifs and of the iconoclastic or image-breaking emperors occasioned that dispute.

As usual, a long period of neglect and decay was followed by iconoclastic cleaning and setting in order.

Negations, useful in their place, are iconoclastic—not constructive.

Conspicuous among the postures assumed for its iconoclastic purpose by the genius of photography is that of "art."