Icons [noun]

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It was still booting, and man, those icons creeping across the screen looked good.

They found Klausoff's sister, Maria Ivanovna, an old maid of forty-five, at prayer before the big case of family icons.

I remember noticing a sausage kiosk in the markt-platz where a man in a white coat was busily selling hot icons.

In several of the icons (drawings) there are marks of holes in both feet, and in others of holes in the hands only.

He died at home as he had wished, only this year, under the icons with a lighted taper in his hands.

On the eve of fete-days a small lamp is kept burning before at least one of the Icons in the house.

In respect of religions significance, Icons are of two kinds: simple, and miraculous or miracle-working (tchudotvorny).

The wonder-working Icons are comparatively few in number, and are always carefully preserved in a church or chapel.

These pictures, or icons, are placed in large numbers along the walls and upon the screen which divides the nave from the apse.

For Hellas had been forgotten for the moment, owing to the haunting icons in the dark churches of the town.