Ideal [adjective]

Definition of Ideal:

model, perfect

Synonyms of Ideal:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ideal:

Sentence/Example of Ideal:

You want it to cover your shoulders and fall a bit below your toes for ideal weight distribution.

The ideal chair should be about 16 to 21 inches above the ground, and your arms should rest comfortably while your feet remain flat.

On one hand, the year-long shutdown, with less rushing around, has provided ideal circumstances for serious chats.

Makridis and Wu’s research underscores how the ongoing erosion of social trust in the United States created an ideal environment for a pandemic to flourish.

The climate in Death Valley is ideal during the winter months.

She’s been at or close to the ideal of around 65 percent of first serves landed in half of those eight Grand Slam losses.

This could increase your cost per acquisition or daily spend, which makes this option less than ideal if you are closely tracking those metrics.

A good snowfall, however, turns Acadia’s carriage roads into ideal cross-country-skiing tracks.

Barrett and David kept turning up in ideal places at pivotal moments.

First, they are going to get in touch with a lender to see what their financial state is, and if it’s not ideal, the lender can give them ideas of what to do and how to make it better.