Idealism [noun]

Definition of Idealism:

state of having positive beliefs

Opposite/Antonyms of Idealism:

Sentence/Example of Idealism:

His saga, which has escalated to the trade request and staredown phase, is a bizarre case of a team draining its young superstar’s idealism in record time.

A little bit of idealism will go a long way in softening the ground on a daunting issue.

Remember the idealism and love of country that brought you to service.

Brahmanism carried idealism to the extent of denying any reality to sense or matter, declaring that sense is a delusion.

Never, certainly, did age more need his high idealism to teach a nobler rule in national and private life.

Briefly, by enlarging his enterprise, Terry threw away the immediate advantage of his personal idealism and charm.

Before his paintings and engravings pale idealism disappeared.

Cornelius endeavoured to raise the masses to his level, paid for his idealism with unpopularity, and was never understood.

Last week I thought I detected a real fusion of Michael's undoubted idealism and direct practical action.

All the music of sweet imagery and pure bracing idealism thrilled through her whole being.