Idealist [noun]

Definition of Idealist:

person who holds fancies in mind, who believes in perfection

Synonyms of Idealist:

Opposite/Antonyms of Idealist:

Sentence/Example of Idealist:

He’s one of the idealists, a vendor who considers himself part artist, part entrepreneur.

Walter presents Gig as a charming idealist so handsome he turns heads on the street.

It’s no crime to be an idealist, as long you’re a realist about your idealism.

Xian Lang was, we learn, once like Mulan, a young idealist who wanted to use her supernatural strength and acumen for the highest of purposes.

I can tell you, my dear idealist—you have not changed a particle, by the way—that there is another side you have never seen.

He was a stubborn idealist, and having found something at last to admire he purposed to hug it.

He was soon at full speed again, on his futile race: a hapless idealist in pursuit of lost dreams.

Greater still is he, who is not idealist only, but saint and hero, and in his life bears witness to the truth he teaches.

But whereas as a national poet he was a flattering idealist, he was as a personal poet an uncompromising realist.

But after all, and above all, he is an idealist, marked by a distinguished imagination and an amiable and generous sympathy.