Idealistic [adjective]

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At the end of the day, the growing tension between workers and management represents a power struggle as tech giants, some of which started with idealistic visions, have emerged as corporate behemoths with little accountability.

If any of this sounds impossibly idealistic, I offer two thoughts.

As a result, advertisers are reframing data usage as a matter of ethics, and some are taking a more idealistic approach than has been the norm in recent years.

Fast-food chains have no such idealistic notions about purity.

As with Carstens, so with the Nazarenes, we are warned by the idealistic 129 tendency which inspired the young enthusiasts.

Socialism is not an idealistic attempt to substitute some other law of life for that of self-preservation.

Midway between trade unionism and the simon-pure, idealistic reform philosophies stood producers' and consumers' cooperation.

Sooner or later someone, probably with very idealistic motives, would force the whole thing into the open.

The several ideals of the two combining, there is produced an idealistic union, which is often called "spiritual harmony."

A woman of that dreamy idealistic temperament always likes to imagine that there is a man who is grateful for her prayers!