Idealization [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Idealization:

The force of such idealization helped to carry forward the human race to a new milestone on the path of progress.

Such views and sentiments are incompatible with the idealization of a benevolent despotism.

The two genuine modes of idealization, the subjective and the objective, are not always easy to be reconciled.

I felt that the necessary idealization could only be attained by adopting the clothing of the past.

After the Antonines, the events are related with simple truth to nature, as a mere chronicle, without any idealization at all.

Still under the influence of her high idealization of the scene she lost herself in happy reverie.

This dim sense is the ground of our abiding idealization of childhood.

It is probably this lack of motive that has led other theorizers to adopt the view that art is idealization.

Henceforth the Imitation theory lived on only in the weakened form of Idealization.

It is well to have the gift of idealization, Austin—it makes life far more comfortable.