Ideals [noun]

Definition of Ideals:

moral beliefs

Synonyms of Ideals:

Opposite/Antonyms of Ideals:


Sentence/Example of Ideals:

In practice one party seems about as bad as the other, but at least the Democratic ideals more nearly correspond with my own.

God knows, all that we have now are a bitter disappointment to those of us with any of the old ideals left.

Mrs. Wheaton, for all her petty airs and evil-scenting profile, was really a woman of high ideals.

A stream never rises above its source, nor a home above the ideals of its founders.

The poems inspired by the love of the ancient ideals and literature of Provence are very beautiful.

How could he ever understand the ideals to which she had devoted her powers and her money since the break-up of her married life?

But she soon saw the need of educating the young people to the ideals and principles of peace.

Even we publishers have our ideals—and our purest is to distribute through the world the works of a man of genius.

To them the Settlement must give inspiration and ideals; the home would never give either.

Never before, in all her pursuit of efficient ideals, had Altiora achieved such levels of efficiency.