Ideational [adjective]

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We have, in other words, been assuming that language moves entirely in the ideational or cognitive sphere.

In this case, the suppressed ideational complex manifested itself in signing the name.

As contrasted with the ideational, the perceptual consciousness is concerned with practice.

Its lucid ideational structure, even more than the artless gusto of "Sister Carrie," produces a penetrating and powerful effect.

Rather, however, they are due to peculiarities of the ideational and emotional centers.

The rapidity and the intensity of this ideational process are obviously dependent upon physiological conditions.

It is easy to apply this notion of inhibition to the case of our ideational processes.

What has been here explained with the simple example of a row of beats, can now be applied to ideational content of every kind.

These affective fusions are again bound up most closely with the ideational fusions that correspond to them.

There exist only changing and transient ideational processes; there are no permanent ideas that return again and disappear again.