Identifier [noun]

Definition of Identifier:

word that modifies a noun

Synonyms of Identifier:

Opposite/Antonyms of Identifier:


Sentence/Example of Identifier:

It's a biometric identifier, like fingerprints or retina-scans, but it's got a lot more "collisions" than either of those.

The label now bears in handwriting the name of P. amplus pergracilis and is followed by Benson's initials as the identifier.

My sarcastic friends are very explicit about this hat serving as my identifier.

In this process, the human being became a working being, and work an identifier of the species.

This attitude is irrelevant in a context in which best is an identifier of wares, not of dynamic knowledge.

"There'll be somebody else as the chief identifier," said Bagley, glaring at Turl.

This night, as you must have heard, I received strict orders to act as identifier of your son's head.

The reliable identifier is in reality the person who is responsible.