Identifies [verb]

Definition of Identifies:

recognize; label

Synonyms of Identifies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Identifies:

Sentence/Example of Identifies:

Apple has also added site favicons to tabs, which should also help you identify them quicker.

Within each envelope should be a single inner secrecy envelope, which must be devoid of any identifying information to ensure that nobody can tell how the ballot has been cast.

In 1939, the mathematical physicist Eugene Wigner identified particles as the simplest possible objects that can be shifted, rotated and boosted.

Getting a camera down into your innards allows medical professionals to see the inner lining of the those organs and identify any abnormalities.

You can compare relevant sites and identify the biggest traffic providers.

The victim was identified as Terrence William Jones, who lived about two blocks from where the shooting occurred.

The data does not include “first mile” and “last mile” handling steps, which could add time to delivery, and only accounts for items the agency was able to successfully identify as ballots.

Prince George’s police said detectives are working to identify a suspect and determine a motive.

Often the playbook involves identifying as a technology company.

The crew also identified some of the major takeaways of our first commissioned scientific poll.