Identifying [verb]

Definition of Identifying:

recognize; label

Synonyms of Identifying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Identifying:

Sentence/Example of Identifying:

This distinction is very useful in identifying young birds and females, which are sometimes very much alike.

He must have had plenty of opportunity of identifying it, though he does not tell us whether he preserved it.

That suddenly altered tone had awakened an elusive memory, but neither of them could succeed in identifying it.

The plan of identifying people by their finger-prints, although at first used only on criminals, is now put to many other uses.

What identifying features does it have that will enable us to recognize it?

Of course, all this sounds very pagan, and I am not identifying myself with it.

The features were not so much disfigured, as to hinder him from identifying them.

Holding his ring with its identifying light beam before him, he leaped into the slot like a racing driver.

The seal, however, has another use than that of marking and identifying property.

The form, appearance, and decoration are of the type Villanova, thus identifying it with northern Italy.